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About Animus Translations

At Animus Translations, ethical values have been at the heart of our company since the very beginning. We have strong principles and believe in treating our customers and translators fairly, responsibly, and respectably. This ethical core ensures we always provide a reliable and high quality service for our clients and build strong relationships through honest and open communication.

We work with highly qualified, professional translators to ensure the highest quality translations. All of our translators have at least a Masters’ qualifications in translation, in addition to a wide range of other qualifications in various subjects.

We offer a flexible service designed to meet clients’ needs and have gradually expanded our range of languages, services, and subject areas over our 4 years in business. To increase awareness of the translation process and encourage translators to gain professional qualifications, I have spoken at many events and attended numerous seminars and conferences. We strive to encourage new and emerging translators by offering them advice and the opportunity to gain experience on simple projects where we can.

Our rates will reflect the original and desired languages for the document, the type of translation required, and any additional services you need.

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